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Courtney Newman September 2017 Model of the Month

Courtney Newman September 2017 Model of the Month

Courtney Newman is the September 2017 Model of the Month. Courtney was the first model to sign up for our 2017 Asian Tour that took place in April. We traveled with Newman and several other hot models to Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines and setup shop at the breathtaking Stilts Resort. This place was as awesome as Courtney is beautiful.
Filmmaker John Neyrot and photographer Greg Hunter had so many cool places to shoot images and video of this beautiful blonde Texan. It was like being a kid in the candy store.

Courtney’s radiating beauty and infectious smile kept heads turning throughout the resort. That and the fact that she’s a tall beautiful blonde. They don’t see many girls like that around there or anywhere in the country for the most part. Courtney probably took a selfie with almost every employee at the resort. She’s so sweet she just couldn’t say no to her new adoring fans. Each time we go on tour it’s a great experience. The crew and models interact with the locals and create lasting memories. This year was no exception. We are stoked to be heading to Jamaica for our 2017 Carib Tour this November. Everyone is anxiously waiting to see what’s in store!


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