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Elizabeth Jade Model of the Month December 2017

Elizabeth Jade Model of the Month December 2017

This exclusive feature of stunning Elizabeth Jade Model of the Month December 2017 was created in Jamaica during our 2017 CaribTour. The Sunset at the Palms resort is a true tropical oasis sitting in the heart of this island nation. The resort had so much to offer filmmaker John Neyrot and photographer Greg Hunter in the way of amazing settings and backdrops. Add in stunning brunette Elizabeth Jade and what you have is nothing short of heaven on earth.

This trio teamed up to provide some of the hottest video and photos we have ever provided to our followers. We were stoked when Jade signed up to be part of this year’s CaribTour. Once she arrived it wasn’t long until we knew we had to feature her as a future Model of the Month.

We couldn’t decide on which swimsuit we liked most on this buxom beauty. The red one piece certainly reminded us of the Baywatch series some years ago. The colorful neon micro-kini had our eyes nearly popping out of heads.

Elizabeth is such a strong professional model with an infectious smile that kept everyone smiling as well. She has a personality that makes you feel like family. We welcome Jade to our family and look forward to working with her again soon.


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