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Gavin Leger Model of the Month November 2015

Gavin Leger Model of the Month November 2015

This exclusive Gavin Leger video was filmed for our November 2015 Model of the Month feature. She teamed up with photographer and filmmaker John Neyrot for a day of shooting on Fort Lauderdale Beach. The sun was perfect on her flowing golden hair and tan body. This beautiful blonde has a sweet personality to match her good looks. Neyrot had an easy time working with her as she needed no direction. As you can see in the video, once the camera was rolling Leger was on fire. We look forward to working with this Florida beauty again in the near future.

We met Gavin in Las Vegas over the summer while she was competing in the annual Miss Hooters pageant. She was a true stand out among the many beautiful Hooters girls at that event. She’s been a fixture at this annual event for a few years and still competes today. Leger is a multi-year Hooters calendar girl from Lakeland, Florida where she can still be seen serving up cold beer and hot wings to her loyal customers. When she’s not there, she’s out enjoying the great outdoors. She’s often enjoying the Rainbow river on a paddleboard soaking in the sun.


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