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I currently reside in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. I currently work full time as an Environmental Project Manager who travels around the state as well as the country to and from various work sites. Additionally, I have some modeling experience including photoshoots, and local runway fashion shows. In my free time, you can usually catch me shopping, at the beach, relaxing, or reading. I would like to continue modeling and show that age is just a number.

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Model Search November 2015Model Search November 2015 165th
Model Search December 2015Model Search December 2015 120th
Model Search January 2016Model Search January 2016 168th
Model Search February 2016Model Search February 2016 206th
Model Search March 2016Model Search March 2016 167th
Model Search April 2016Model Search April 2016 155th
Model Search May 2016Model Search May 2016 258th
Model Search June 2016Model Search June 2016 127th
Model Search July 2016Model Search July 2016 210th
Model Search August 2016Model Search August 2016 218th
Model Search September 2016Model Search September 2016 277th
Model Search October 2016Model Search October 2016 273rd
Model Search November 2016Model Search November 2016 222nd
Model Search December 2016Model Search December 2016 324th
Model Search Feb 2017Model Search Feb 2017 374th

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