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My names Taylor! I live in Las Vegas and work at Jewel nightclub as a model cocktail server! Love to travel, workout, and go on adventures!

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Model Search March 2016Model Search March 2016 215th
Model Search April 2016Model Search April 2016 155th
Model Search May 2016Model Search May 2016 258th
Model Search June 2016Model Search June 2016 56th
Model Search July 2016Model Search July 2016 57th
Model Search August 2016Model Search August 2016 40th
Model Search September 2016Model Search September 2016 48th
Model Search October 2016Model Search October 2016 55th
Model Search November 2016Model Search November 2016 231st
Model Search December 2016Model Search December 2016 176th
Model Search Feb 2017Model Search Feb 2017 259th

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