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Nikki Nardini Model of the Month August 2015

Nikki Nardini Model of the Month August 2015

Raven haired beauty Nikki Nardini is the feature babe for our Model of the Month August 2015. We met up with her in Las Vegas during our annual summer trip there. We always look forward to finding new talent when we go but this year we struck gold when we had the opportunity to work with Nardini. Filmmaker and photographer John Neyrot was stoked when she agreed to take part in this feature video and photo shoot. She has an amazing body which you can plainly see but she also has a personality to match. She kept Neyrot amused and entertained the entire day with her fun and flirty attitude.

Her athletic body probably got started when she was a cheerleader in college as well as a springboard diver. She studied Kinesiology at the University of Alabama. Nikki recently took part in the Black Tape Project at EDC. Her hot body looked stunning in what can be loosely described as an outfit. She’s also been taped up several times working in Vegas. She keeps her hardbody figure by being a professional dancer. Her job is a constant workout. Go check out some of her videos on Vimeo. You won’t be disappointed.


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